Corporate Sustainability Accelerator

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Accelerator

Corporate sustainability is one of the core areas of the PLMJ Think Tank. In our Corporate Sustainability Accelerator, we have an ultimate goal: to develop a set of general principles to guide corporate boards on their journey towards conscious capitalism.

A space for reflection that encourages debate

To achieve this, we have created a space for reflection (the Forum on Sustainable Corporate Governance) that encourages debate and helps ideas to mature.

This accelerator is not just a space for reflection; it is a platform for responsible action that goes hand in hand with financial sustainability. We are committed to promoting the most ethical and sustainable practices and helping to translate general principles into concrete initiatives.


The PLMJ Forum on Sustainable Corporate Governance is a sophisticated and highly qualified discussion forum dedicated...


In this section, content will be published with the aim of encouraging reflection on various topics related to...


We believe in the value of proximity when it comes to building and sharing knowledge.

Call for papers, submit your article

Call for papers, submit your article